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An Amazing Community...

The North Coast community is in reality a collection of communities. Our part of the California coast includes Timber Cove, Stewart's Point, The Sea Ranch, Annapolis, Gualala, Anchor Bay, Point Arena, Elk, and Irish Beach. Each one of these small hamlets has its own character and charm. With the exception of Annapolis, which is a short distance inland from The Sea Ranch, all are linked by Highway One, our north south coastal thoroughfare. Gualala is our biggest market town, but there are locally important stores, boutiques, cafes, shops, galleries, events, and services spread throughout all of these different parts of the North Coast and we all have our favorites.

There are no big box stores and no fast food restaurants. Anywhere that you go for any service or product that you seek you will more often than not meet the owner of the enterprise during your transaction. After you have lived here for a short period of time the merchant will become an acquaintance and not long after that a friend. People say hello to each other on the street and in the grocery store and catch up on local happenings without the aid of any telecommunications devices. That's not to say that we don't have telephones, television and the internet. We do and we use all of them to stay in communication with the tumultuous world outside of our peaceful refuge.

One of the concerns that frequently arises when someone from one of the big urban centers considers moving "up here" is the fear that there will be nothing to do. Those of us who live here chuckle. Our advice is - if you want nothing to do, stay in any one of the big cities where you can hide in the impersonal and uncaring multitude. Up here we get to know each other and we tend to invite people to join in any one of a host of wonderful activities. Most of us warn new comers to be judicious in how you commit your time. If you are not careful you will be worn out before you know it. There are not a lot of people living here, but there are a lot of interesting people living here. Artists, musicians, photographers, writers, inventors, scholars, doctors, scientists, architects, race car enthusiasts, naturalists - you name it - they are all part of this amazing community.

One of several churches in the North Coast

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