Steve's monthly notes on
The Sea Ranch Real Estate Market
April 2017

A misty April morning above Black Point Beach...

Past & Present Home Sales in The Sea Ranch


27 homes have been sold to date in The Sea Ranch this year.
The average sale price for these homes was $770,999.
The average time on the market was 102 days.

The wildflowers are here.

Massive carpets of tiny blooms cover large parts of the bluff these days and literally more than a hundred different kinds of wildflowers hide in the grass and brush all around us. No-one is immune to the impact of a golden carpet, but we encourage visitors to put on some old trousers when visiting because you may want to get down on your knees to really appreciate some of these fragile jewels up close and personal. You will also want to explore both forest and seaside because each wildflower has it’s own preferred microclimate and terrain and therefor you will find the mix dramatically different as you wander around through the Ranch. You will also want to explore our miles of trail as often as possible, because each flower has it’s season. The mix is constantly changing and, each time that you are out, you will discover a new treasure never seen since last year at this same time.

If you are lucky enough to actually live here, you can watch a plant progress through it’s annual life cycle and, if you are observant enough, and patient enough, you can watch the reproduction cycle from seed to new plant to seed. Eventually, you may even join with some of the rest of us who ponder the age of an organism that reproduces through mechanisms other than seeds. Take the biggest of our wildflowers, our redwoods, for example. When a new trunk sprouts up out of the ground, is it a new plant or an extension of the “parent” plant? If the former, it will “only” live for a few centuries. If the latter, it may well be immortal. For the normal city dweller caught up in the maelstrom of daily life in the hectic modern world, these ramblings might seem to be rather esoteric and I suppose that they are, but I suggest that they make for a more peaceful existence than some of the thoughts that clutter life in other locales. I contend that it is one of the hidden advantages to living in this wondrous place.

Very obviously, Spring is one of the many perfect times to visit The Sea Ranch. Take a few days off, rent one of the beautiful vacation rental homes for a weekend or a week. While you are here, we can go for a walk the likes of which you will not often experience and we can check out a few of the magnificent homes that are currently on the market. No matter your ultimate decision about living here, I can assure you that you will enjoy the respite from the ordinary and, who knows, we might end up being neighbors.

PS: If you have a moment, visit us on Facebook, where we are posting a series of informative snapshots of life here on the Northern California Coast.




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