Steve's monthly notes on
The Sea Ranch Real Estate Market
August 2017



Past & Present Home Sales in The Sea Ranch


61 homes have been sold to date in The Sea Ranch this year.
The average sale price for these homes was $769,990.
The average time on the market was 99 days.

Labor Day in The Sea Ranch ...

Summer is racing by at it’s usual blinding speed - migratory birds are on the move, mornings are chilled with mist and afternoons are warmed with sunshine, this years fawns have pretty well lost their spots, the young quail are transitioning from ping pong balls of fluff to full grown birds, the Pacific Ocean is pacific - all is well here in The Sea Ranch. Social events continue up and down the coast with art exhibits, studio tours, music and all of the usual excitement that this time of year brings. Labor Day weekend is particularly busy as visitors flee inland temperatures in the triple digits to get in one last respite from stress in this peaceful corner of nature before returning to the daily grind of their urban world.

More and more people throughout the country are discovering opportunities to work from home and many of them are finding their way here to the Ranch. We have added first class Fiber Optic Internet Connectivity throughout the Ranch and that has revolutionized this aspect of our lives. We are now able to participate fully in the new range of communication opportunities available with more and more people “unplugging” their dishes and streaming entertainment and news content instead. Others continue to ignore what some call “progress” and actually read books instead. The Ranch is like that. One can be as involved in whatever as one wishes - or not. There is absolutely no social conformity imposed on any of us. That too is a powerful influence drawing a wide variety of interesting people to this community.

Real estate activity remains brisk. People’s lives are in constant flux with some needing to move away from the Ranch because of changes in their lives. That opens opportunities for others to experience this life style. A few properties are constantly coming onto the market for all manner of reasons specific to each of the owners involved. I make it a point to familiarize myself with each one of the new residences as they enter the market, just as I have been doing for eihteen years now. I offer a great deal of very valuable information about each property and about the community. I would like to share my knowledge with you and help you determine whether or not The Sea Ranch is right for you and your loved ones at this juncture in your lives. Give me a call and we’ll set up a time for your visit.

PS: If you have a moment, visit us on Facebook, where we are posting a series of informative snapshots of life here on the Northern California Coast.



Color in the Tide Pools

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