Steve's monthly notes on
The Sea Ranch Real Estate Market
November 2017

One of the more popular stopping places on the Bluff Top Trail...

Past & Present Home Sales in The Sea Ranch


94 homes have been sold to date in The Sea Ranch this year.
The average sale price for these homes was $813,463.
The average time on the market was 116 days.

Thanksgiving is past and Christmas is on it's way...

Thanksgiving week was busy here at The Sea Ranch.  Visitors, owners and their guests filled the homes, stores and restaurants.  There was never a feeling of being surrounded by an oppressive crowd, but there was definitely a significant uptick in activity throughout the Ranch and in the neighboring towns up and down the coast.  The local business community held the annual Lighted Truck Parade in “downtown” Gualala which drew a big crowd lining “Main Street” (Highway One).  Local volunteer fire fighters dressed in their “turnouts” provided security.  Art galleries offered seasonal exhibits and the Gualala Arts Center sponsored the “Festival of the Trees,” showcasing local artists and craftspeople.  Holiday shopping got underway even as the turkey was roasting in the oven.  Surrounded by children and their parents, Santa Claus lit the two story Christmas Tree that stands in the main gallery of the Arts Center the weekend after Thanksgiving.   Definitely a very low key, small town week with none of the big city artificiality and stress that increasingly characterizes life in our larger municipalities.

Life here in The Sea Ranch is characterized by a total lack of social pressure combined with endless opportunity to become involved in interesting endeavors.  One of my former colleagues used to say that one can limit your social activity to picking up the mail at the Lodge once a week or, on the other hand, you can devote twenty five hours a day to a multitude of interesting community activities.  (I would add that you can also split the difference and engage in a more moderate level of interesting activities if you so desire.)  In this regard, it is indeed a remarkable environment within which to live.  Fellow community members come from all walks of life and bring with them interesting ideas, diverse life experience, and unique skills.  Formal and informal groups throughout the Ranch and surrounding areas are engaged in all manner of interesting activities and all are open to new members.  Increasingly, community members are engaged in operating businesses from home.  Some of these enterprises are focused on the local community and some wider in scope.  Some are part time, some full time.  (The recent upgrading of our internet connectivity has greatly facilitated those endeavors.)

If you are at a point in your life where you are thinking about making a move, or perhaps acquiring a second residence, I would be delighted to facilitate your exploration of this ten mile stretch of the California coastline so that you can decide if The Sea Ranch might be right for you.

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The "front yard" of the community never loses it's interest...

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