Steve's monthly notes on
The Sea Ranch Real Estate Market
January 2018

Pelican Bluffs

Past & Present Home Sales in The Sea Ranch

8 homes have been sold to date in The Sea Ranch this year.
The average sale price for these homes was $750,688.
The average time on the market was 106 days.

A New Year...

So far this year we have had a very mild winter.  No fierce storms, but some pretty good rain.  Our seasonal streams are running strong and the vegetation is showing signs of spring being in the air.  Daffodils and wild iris are starting to appear and it looks like we will enjoy the usual spectacular crop of wild flowers later on this year.  Migratory birds are here in their usual numbers as confirmed by our local birders during the most recent “Christmas count.”  People walking the bluffs are seeing whales and the harbor seals are in their usual spots all along our coastline.  We expect to be seeing flights of California’s brown pelicans coming north soon.  Those of us that live here full time are inevitably influenced by the cycles of nature.  The details are interesting and the consistency is reassuring.

January saw the opening of Pelican Bluffs a few miles north of us.  It’s addition to the parklands already set aside in the vicinity of The Sea Ranch, gives us yet one more stretch of nature to enjoy any time that we so desire.  National, state, and regional parklands, combined with agricultural and forest lands are literally all around this community with a few very small villages interspersed in between.   With the Pacific Ocean to our west, the quality of our air is unsurpassed.  The small communities that are in our vicinity have an excellent mix of services and goods available and an army of local artisans and craftspeople supplement their services.  Combine all of this with an extremely interesting mix of neighbors from all walks of life and you have what I suggest is a very attractive place to reside.

The Sea Ranch is obviously not suited for everyone at every stage of our lives.  If you are interested in the possibility of living here, I strongly recommend that you visit for a few days and do a little research.  Even if you decide not to purchase any property in the Ranch right now, you will enjoy the visit.  Needless to say, I would like to facilitate your visit and your research so that you understand the community as well as see the properties that are currently on the market.  Given that my wife and I have built our own home here and have been part of this community for thirty five years, I sincerely believe that I can be of considerable assistance to you.

PS: If you have a moment, visit us on Facebook, where we are posting a series of informative snapshots of life here on the Northern California Coast.



The lagoon at the mouth of the Gualala River...

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