Steve's monthly notes on
The Sea Ranch Real Estate Market
February 2018

Trillium is blooming in the deep forest...

Past & Present Home Sales in The Sea Ranch

20 homes have been sold to date in The Sea Ranch this year.
The average sale price for these homes was $850,975.
The average time on the market was 109 days.

Winter in The Sea Ranch

February is always one of our coldest months and this February has been no exception.  Our neighbors on the first ridge inland even had a dusting of snow a couple of mornings during the month.  Here in The Sea Ranch, we rarely dipped below freezing and never more than a degree or two at night.  A fire in the fireplace felt good.  During the day, temperatures rose back up into the forties and higher.  We got a mix of rain and sunshine and a few wildflowers started poking up in the greening grass along the roads and trails.  Local, hardworking fishermen brought in the seasonal catch of Dungeness crab and we celebrated the opening of several new eateries in the local community (including one next door to our offices).

Construction continues at a lively rate in The Sea Ranch and also in the surrounding communities. Real estate sales have been brisk.  The local business community continues to grow larger and stronger with every new arrival and infrastructure improvement that comes along.  In a very few days we will be celebrating the fortieth anniversary of our local medical service - RCMS - Redwood Coast Medical Service.  In 1977, RCMS started out with one doctor operating out of his home.  Today, it provides quality healthcare to the coastal communities of Mendocino and Sonoma Counties and has facilities in several parts of the greater community.  Here in The Sea Ranch, our recent cyber infrastructure improvements have given us first class internet access to the world while our perceived geographic isolation shelters us from the hustle, bustle and stress of modern urban life. 

The Sea Ranch is a wonderful place to live, but it is obviously not right for everyone at every stage of their lives.   If you feel that it might be right for you, I recommend that you visit for a couple of days and let me show you what I have learned during the thirty some years that my wife and I have lived here.  We can, of course, look at the properties that are currently on the market, but I would also like to answer all of your questions about daily life as well, so that you might better determine the suitability for you and your family joining this community.

PS: If you have a moment, visit us on Facebook, where we are posting a series of informative snapshots of life here on the Northern California Coast.



Walk On Beach in Winter

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